* Be a light, be a friend, be a memory.

I have always loved kids. I find them uniquely interesting and much more entertaining than a lot of adults. Not all adults, just some of them. I’m not sure where I got this idea, or when I started doing it, but my guess would be sometime towards the end of college or just after graduating. A very good friend of mine, Kate, had her first child, and then had a few more. I absolutely loved hanging out with her and the kids.Read more

* Supernatural Detective Fiction: Why We Love It!

A quick search on the internet will tell you that crime fiction became a distinct literary genre during the mid-19th century. While there were stories that contained crimes and mysteries, it was the detective (whether professional or amateur), searching for clues and answers that set these stories apart. From there, crime fiction expanded into many different new or sub genres, including thrillers, science fiction, police procedurals, supernatural and fantasy, just to name a few. We could write an article a week about sub-genres and still be busy next year, so for today, we are going to focus on supernatural detective fiction.Read more

* The Curist Book Giveaway

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We are giving away 100 Kindle copies of our book – The Curist – which was just named a FINALIST in the Independent Author Network 2020 Book of the Year Awards!

* A Visit to Billings

In February of 2018, I was asked to co-author a book with a family friend I had only known for about a month, Vinny Calfapietra. I had always dreamed of writing a book, so of course I said YES! The result of this partnership was the novel – The Curist. The majority of the book is set in Billings, Montana, and I figured if I was going to write about a place, I should probably at least visit it. So in May of 2018, that is exactly what I did. Read more

* Funeral Pictures

I originally wrote this in October of 2018. This weekend I am going to the funeral of one of my favorite aunts, the eldest daughter of the grandmother I talk about in the essay below. This still resonates deeply with me, so I thought I would share it.


As I was driving to work this morning in Erlanger, Kentucky, a DJ on the local radio station was talking about a situation where she was not sure what the correct etiquette was.  She and her radio partner called up Lizzie Post, the granddaughter of the famous etiquette guru, Emily Post, to get some formal, knowledgeable advice.

Read more

* A Crow Named Sam

Today I was thinking about London. It is one of my favorite cities even though I first visited it only four years ago. That visit was in the fall of 2017 and it was awesome! We went to see so many sights, but missed many others, just because there wasn’t enough time. The highlight for me was a behind the scenes tour at the All England Lawn and Tennis Club – Wimbledon! Read more