* A Crow Named Sam

Today I was thinking about London. It is one of my favorite cities even though I first visited it only four years ago. That visit was in the fall of 2017 and it was awesome! We went to see so many sights, but missed many others, just because there wasn’t enough time. The highlight for me was a behind the scenes tour at the All England Lawn and Tennis Club – Wimbledon! I love to watch the Grand Slams of tennis. I don’t typically watch the weekly tournaments, but when it is the Big Four, you probably won’t see me for two weeks. This is one of my fondest memories, and it got me thinking about things we can’t do right now, at least not without risking our health, and travel is a big one for me.

Right now, I choose not to travel, I don’t visit friends and relatives, even ones that are just in the next county and I don’t eat out at restaurants. I am keeping my circle small, and I hope that I’m helping to keep those in my circle safe. My wish is that each of you is able to do what you think is the best thing to keep your circle safe, whatever that looks like. I know it takes many different forms. My choices, however, are not keeping me from enjoying life.

Today, I realized I can enjoy right where I am, I don’t have to visit someplace new to see something new. Like the family of ducks I saw swimming in the pond near my condo as I started my morning walk. When I returned, they were walking across the road, single file, the chicks were almost as big as their momma. Also at the pond on the way back, I saw a Roseate Spoonbill, in all of it’s bright-pink glorious plumage. Almost daily I see squirrels and marsh bunnies, and there are a lot of very talkative birds around, especially active in the mornings.

Awhile ago, one of the talkative crows was getting on my last nerve, he would just squawk and squawk and squawk, making morning coffee on the patio, much less peaceful than it would have been without the noise. I decided to make the annoying crow my friend, that way, I might more easily tolerate him. The wonderful news is that it worked! I named him Sam, and we are now the best of pals. When I hear any crow while I am on the patio, I assume it is him and I say “Hi Sam!”, and it puts a smile on my face.

Daily, we are ALL encountering things we wish were different, and we long for a return to the way things used to be. Sorry to say, that’s probably not gonna happen, I wish for it too, so I feel your pain. I guess my point is, if you make a choice to change your perspective just a tiny bit, see something positive that used to be a negative, it can make all the difference in the world. Isn’t that exactly what we need right now?

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  • Jodi marr says:

    Love this! My fave town too and best place i ever lived

  • Judy Hoyt says:

    Great idea! It’s always better to focus on the positive. It conjured up a story about my dad who used to visit my home and park his motor home in our driveway. I was complaining about the crows making such a racket and scaring away all the other birds. My father told me, “find something you like about them and it will make it much easier to tolerate them.” So i began to notice how smart they were;dropping walnuts on the street to break open the shells for the meat inside. One night, while my dad’s motor home was parked under a tree, the crows kept dropping things on his roof. My dad came in the next morning and announced, “those damn crows kept me up all night!” So much for the love affair.

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